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We’re a digital analytics and marketing full service agency – a part of SEK.

Data is the new oil. We believe Analytics should be at the core of your digital marketing or sales work and is the first thing to look at.

Initially, we look at your data to try to find opportunities. We can also help you use analytics tools to plan future activities. We make sure your data is good so as result you get good information. Then we use code to be more efficient with reporting. This can free up your time to get on with business.

We know how search engines work. We can usually help you get more free visitors from search engines (SEO). If you look at things like structured content, open graph, content management systems, keyword research and overall content strategy you’re more likely to be successful.

If you need to growth hack your businesses using tools like SEM, Display, Mobile Ads, Social and other paid marketing activities, we also do that. Growth is much easier if you combine all the tools to do the best job possible. For instance if Search optimisation isn’t working, paid search may be something to look at, with a solid testing plan in place to improve conversion.

Finally if you don’t want an outsourced partner, we can train you to do it yourself.

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