About Us

Quru is a digital analytics company with a single purpose. To make €1bn revenues for its customers. In order to do that we use advanced digital marketing strategies that are different to our competitors bringing on average a 10:1 ratio of money earned to money spent. So, on average, every euro spent with Quru returns 10 Euros.


Quru itself was formed in 2009 under the name Kwantic. However, the core team have been working together since 2005. In 2002, a company called Aboavista was formed by the now CEO of Quru, Steve Jackson. In 2005 he hired the co-founder of Quru, Henry Morales.

In 2006 this company was acquired by Satama Interactive PLC and a team of over 20 analysts were brought together that included Janne Korpi, Mira Makiranta, Sanna Åman and Mikko Köngas – 3 of whom form the board as it stands today.

In 2009, Steve and Henry set-up Kwantic with a little help from Frantic. A lot of their former colleagues from Satama joined them in what became a new stand-alone business owned by the employees and Frantic.

Fast forward to 2012 and Quru acquired the Finnish operations of a company called Timgu. This helped to strengthen the PPC, Adwords and Display management side of the business and strengthened overall outsourcing revenues.

In 2013 the board and management of the company was re-shuffled and since then the company has been operationally profitable.

For more information, please drop a line to Steve Jackson.


Quru has been actively reducing the 3rd party revenues coming through its books and allowing our partners to deal more directly with our clients since early 2013. This was done in order to strengthen our cash flow position and improve on our overall financial administration.

Additionally, we have focused on improving outsourcing revenues, reducing operational costs and increasing our profit margin.

In 2014, as mentioned by Kauppalehti, Quru were largely successful in all 3 areas. Going forward, Quru are building on the last 2 years relative success and are building up their network in the UK and Europe.

Quru is now listed as an AA credit rating company.

For more information, please drop a line to Steve Jackson.

Vision and how we calculate the Billion

Should read: Our ‘big hairy audacious goal’, or BHAG as Jim Collins calls it, is to make €1 billion in revenues for our clients. We count this by adding what we report or inform to our clients into one number every quarter.

This is the only golden rule. Our client has to have received or be acting on the information we give them in order for it to be counted into our number. We DO NOT add numbers to the billion that have not been reported or acted upon. Simple as that.

We calculate the Billion in 3 ways.

  1. Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). If you let Quru manage your digital marketing budget, we take away how much money you spend from the overall return and add that to our number. So for instance, if you give us 10,000 euro to spend and pay us 3,000 euro to manage the campaign, but made 150,000 euro from product or service sales attributed to the campaigns (a quite typical scenario). We take away 13,000 from 150,000 (137,000) and add that figure to our number. In order for the number to be valid it needs to be reported in the analytics tools or our reporting and accepted by the client as real.
  2. Lift % returns. If we do A/B or MVT testing to increase your conversion rate and can attribute a lift to conversion based on our campaigns, we will add it to the number. For instance, if after we’ve run our tests we see your conversions lift from 100 to 110 sales per day and the value of a sale is 100 euros, we’ll add whatever we report (typically a six month valuation) of the improvement. So in this case, we would add 18,000 euro to our number.
  3. Potential Value. If we measure a potential value lift that our client actively agrees with and starts taking steps to realise, we will add that to our number. The main rule here is the client literally has to follow the advice and start acting on information received, otherwise it is worthless. So for instance, if we found a 500K euro opportunity by fixing a process on the website, then this would be added if the client then started taking steps to fix this process (but not before).

We add up the major accounts we work with on a quarterly basis and update the figure on our website. We’ve been doing this since January 2013.

For more information, please drop a line to Steve Jackson.