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If you’ve embraced Facebook’s recent expansion of Messenger bots, you’ll probably want to know how it’s doing for you and your business. Vivek has more info on Facebook’s new analytics dashboard.

“In addition to now being able to advertise your Facebook Messenger bot in the Facebook Newsfeed, you can now also get more detailed data on how your Messenger bot is performing.

Since the April launch, over 34,000 developers have made Messenger bots, and now those developers can track data from their bots in the Facebook Analytics for Apps dashboard, which will give users data such as messages sent and received, blocked messages, and the number of users who engage with a bot and are later transferred to a human agent.

Developers and page owners can now track all their data all in one place (apps, websites and bots), enabling to see what does/doesn’t work, how users are engaging and converting, and how to further tailor and optimise content and products that are offered up to visitors and users.

In an email to VentureBeat, a Facebook spokesperson explained ‘Businesses that have bots as well as apps and websites can build cross-platform funnels to understand whether interaction with their bot results in increased engagement with their other platforms — or, in other words, do bots help drive customer loyalty’”