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Google Tag Manager (GTM) has got some great mobile-related updates recently. Mirkka has the details on one of them.

“With the introduction and rapid increase in AMP, it was only a matter of time before GTM became more mobile friendly and supported it – and now it does! GTM can now be used to simplify the tag deployment on your AMP sites/pages.

GTM implementation on AMP pages was previously not a particularly user-friendly experience, but this has been improved upon, and AMP containers now support Google Analytics, AdWords and DoubleClick, with 20 tag types available out of the box and a number of 3rd party vendor tags available.

Firing the required trigger is now a simple process with a wide range of built in triggers, as well as plenty of variables which can be built in to your tags to get the exact measurement you’re looking for. The likes of scroll tracking and total engaged time on the page are now easier to implement and welcome additions!

AMP containers are based upon those that exist in GTM, so if you’re already familiar with that, it will be even easier to get started. All you need to do is:
– Create a new container for your AMP site
– Drop the Tag Manager snippet on your AMP pages
– Create your tags
– Preview and publish

A couple of things to note if you’re thinking about using GTM with AMP – the standard/traditional datalayer is not used for these items, and custom HTML is not yet supported. A full list of supported tags can be found here and information on built-in variables here.”

Image credit: Google Blog