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Google recently announced that BigQuery would now integrate with Google Drive (and Sheets) for easier and more convenient integrated analysis. Mira has the details.

“For those working with ‘big data’ and utilising Google’s BigQuery tool, you no longer need to rely on the likes of Excel to manage and analyse your data – it can also be handled right within Google Sheets with BigQuery’s new Google Drive integration.

The new Google Drive integration now allows you to do the following:

  • Save query results directly to Google Sheets from the BigQuery UI
  • Query files directly from Google Drive, without first loading them into BigQuery
  • Query Google Sheets spreadsheets from BigQuery as you edit them in Sheets

Google BigQuery technical program manager, Tino Tereshko, wrote ‘Time after time, we can make changes within our Google Sheets spreadsheet, and BigQuery will automatically pick up the changes next time we run a query against the spreadsheet!’.

With no additional download or update required, BigQuery users should see the new features immediately. Within the BigQuery UI, all user should now see a ‘Save to Google Sheets’ option – when selecting this, the query will save to Google Sheets and will prompt the user to then open that Google Sheet.

With more service and features, especially at Google, becoming cloud-based, this integration begins to align the product offerings, while adding additional support and functionality to the likes of Sheets power-users and BigQuery users who don’t want to solely rely on the likes of Excel, making the management and analysis of data more streamlined and efficient.”

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