Analytics and testing

Analytics and testing are simply tools. They’re tools to help you do better business. We use analytics and testing to help your business grow by telling you what works and what doesn’t.

What works and what doesn’t?

Once we’ve ensured your data is clean (typically we do this using tag management tools like Google Tag Manager or Ensighten), we look for a number of business drivers.

We look at which marketing channels work, which parts of the website perform the best, which parts of your lead generation or sales funnel are working, the types of attributing factors that work – such as, if you did a Display campaign, did it make a difference to direct traffic?

  • We measure

    See what Quru measures compared to a typical media agency.

  • we improve

    We use analytics to find areas of improvement.

  • we know

    We act on data.

  • we only…

    The first, and one of the only, Google Analytics Premium Resellers in Finland.

We look at different types of users that come to your website – new visitors versus repeat visitors, customers versus prospects, men versus women, visits that read your content versus visitors that don’t. We do this to understand the user journey and the way different traffic sources contribute to the visitor experience and usage.

We look at different types of devices people use. 10-15 years ago, most people used a Windows computer to visit your website. Now many people still use Microsoft computers but also Apple Macs, a wider variety of mobile phones and tablets, and we measure whether the differences in those experiences are well catered for. In our experience they are not.

Once we know this information, we’re much better equipped to inform you of what works and what doesn’t and guide you how to do things better, either via projects like the Digital Marketing Roadmap, or via ongoing services like outsourcing and retainers.

This is the biggest difference between Quru and the average media agency who say they do analytics but actually just report on the paid media numbers they’re responsible for.

The main reason we do analytics though is the last part of the table “determining A/B tests.” By developing a hypothesis around testing strategy based on our analytics we can act on what we see and try to improve. A media agency might tweak a budget here and there and send you a pretty excel report with a few ROAS and conversion numbers, but they don’t test or act on data aside from maybe how to improve their campaigns. Maybe.

Analytics competence Average Media Agency Quru


Paid Media Impressions
Paid Media Clicks
Paid Media cost per click
Paid Media Cost per sale
Paid Media Conversion rates
Paid Media budget improvement
Return on Ad spend
Bounce rates
Page views per visit
User type
Device type
Channel Attribution
Predictive analysis
Business insights
Data validity
Platform validity
Organic search traffic sources
Direct traffic sources
Email traffic sources
Social traffic sources
Own traffic sources
Traffic Segmentation
Multiple data sources
Unsampled data
Determining A/B tests

Testing and acting on the data

Finding areas of improvement using analytics is vital to informing our A/B testing strategy. When we find something that doesn’t work, we formulate a hypothesis and use tools like Optimizely, VWO or Adobe Target to run and manage testing new variations of user experience.

The idea is that your benchmark “A” version of the user experience is the “unoptimised” version of the experience, whereas the “B” version is the new experience we hope will hypothetically work better.

If it does work better, we keep it. If it doesn’t, we create and try tests until we get it right and you start seeing successful results.

Analytics is at the core of everything Quru do. It helps inform all of our other services and we log into our customer analytics accounts literally every day.

We also run alerts to help inform our customers of anything that might be going wrong so that we can identify issues, make changes and not lose data or traffic.

Finally, Quru were the first, and, are one of the only approved Google Analytics Premium re-sellers in Finland. This in itself is an endorsement that Google trust us to work with their clients.

If you’re interested in talking to one of our accounts team about our analytics and testing services, please get in touch so we can do a free business evaluation to determine whether you’d be a good fit for this service.