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Some new features for video ads were announced by Facebook earlier this week, including a new automated captioning tool. Mikko has the details.

“Marketers face a tough challenge when vying to grab a users’ attention in the first few seconds of a video ad. This is even harder when most video ads are muted by default.

According to Facebook, 80% of users react in a negative manner towards both Facebook and the advertiser when they encounter loud audio from a video ad in the News Feed. But by adding captions, advertisers can increase viewing times by an average of 12%.

You could previously add your own captions to videos, but now Facebook has automated this process and captions can be added automatically when uploading a video ad. Once the tool has generated the captions, the advertiser can also review and edit them if required.

Also announced by Facebook were further reporting and buying options for video ads. From Page insights (and Ads Insights coming soon), advertisers can see how many users viewed their videos with no sound. Integration with Moat for video ad analytics is now live around the world, and the 100% in-view buying option is also now available globally.”