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Vivek recently gave us some SEO back to basics tips. Today he’s here with a follow-up and some more great back to basics tips.

“The last SEO back to basics tips mainly covered specific things you should be doing on each page. Here’s some additional, slightly more generic tips to ensure your content is optimised.

  • Be natural. Don’t force keywords etc – if the content is of a decent quality, it will flow naturally and keywords will fall in to place as part of the normal writing process.
  • Break it down. Make your content easy to scan and to read. Avoid large blocks of text, use bullets and numbering to break-down certain sections and points, Use H2 and H3 tags as sub-headers, and use bold and italics to highlight key words and phrases.
  • Link to your content. Ensuring you link your content and pages is a must. It helps users navigate to related content and adds relevance to content and pages.
  • Be truthful. Once you drive traffic to your site, ensure you delivered on what you promised. Make sure you use keywords and text in the title, description, H1 etc that are accurate and directly reflect the content you’re linking to.
  • Don’t do stuffing. Keyword stuffing is a practice that died out some time ago and is generally frowned upon now – so much so that you can actually be penalised by search engines for such practices. Simply put; don’t do it – at all.
  • Read minds. Well not quite, but try to think and imagine what a user would want and expect to see when clicking on a link and coming to your site. Make your content clear, easily navigable/manageable, and helpful. Make sure you have all the right information in the right place.”