Adobe Analytics’ new Virtual Report Suites

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Adobe Analytics has recently rolled out some great new updates to its’ platform, including Virtual Report Suites. Henry has the latest info.

“A recent update to Adobe Analytics bought a number of new features and fixes across the platform, including a revamped UI with a simplified menu bar and streamlined navigation.


Another great addition was that of Virtual Report Suites  to the Report Builder tool, bringing a number of great new features, including:

  • Simplify implementation by truly allowing you to use a single Report Suite ID (RSID) across all sites/domains. Having all data in a single report suite enables customer analytics as we move toward the next generation of Adobe Analytics.
  • Business users in your organization always see only the data segments that are relevant to them.
  • Improve security by allowing Admin users to control data access more easily and more granularly after implementation.
  • [This feature will be implemented soon.] Multinational organizations get more value out of Adobe Analytics. Where you currently have to devise a strategy to gather all data into a single report suite and provide international users with data in their own time zone, this feature allows you to adjust the time zone of the data so that end users are more capable of obtaining insights on their own.’

Essentially, this means that users can be assigned to certain data-sets, so that they can see only the data relevant to them – improving both security and UX.

This kind of feature becomes extremely useful when you want to segregate certain data for security purposes, or where you have multiple brands under your company and you can assign the relevant marketers/analysts to the applicable brand data sets, meaning they have all the right info right at their fingertips and aren’t bogged down by other data and aren’t having to manually segment data-sets.”

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