Back to SEO basics

Back to SEO basics

While some of our tips can be quite technical and specific to certain products and features, it’s always good to remember to go back to basics sometimes. Not only is this a good check-point for your own set-up, but it’s also great for those that are new to online marketing and analytics. Today, Vivek has some SEO basics to remember.

“SEO tactics and tools are ever becoming more advanced, but sometimes it’s good to review your site and ensure you have the basics implemented as these can be key to determining and improving your SEO and ‘rank-ability’ within search engines.

  • SEO title: Keep your page title under 70 characters and try to make sure you have your target keywords as close to the beginning as possible.
  • Meta description: Keep your description to a maximum of 160 characters and ensure your keywords are included in there. The description should act as a teaser which gives the user an idea of the site contents and entices them to click through to your site.
  • H1: The headline tag tells all the search engines that this is the most important headline on the page. Use one H1 on each page.
  • Image alt tag: Search engines can’t ‘see’ images, so making sure you describe your images is key. If you can get a keyword in to the description, do so.
  • URLs: Try to keep them short and to the point (include related keywords). These can be visible in search results, so make sure a user will want to click through to them.
  • Copy: Think about your main keyword, and ensure it’s used near the top of the page and a few other times throughout the copy on the page, including variations of the keyword.”

Keep your eyes peeled for part two of Vivek’s SEO back to basics tips in the coming days.

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