Create checkout funnels in Enhanced eCommerce

If you’re running an ecommerce site you’re going to need to know exactly where in the checkout process people are dropping out and why. Tuomo has some checkout funnel information that may help.

“When setting up Enhanced eCommerce in Google Universal Analytics, it is possible to create a purchase or checkout funnel. This is important, if you have an eCommerce site and you want to try and understand exactly what people are and aren’t doing as part of the checkout process – especially if you have people dropping out of the process.

You can create the steps and link it in Google Analytics by going to Admin > Ecommerce Settings and then following the on-screen set-up process. Ensure you enter all steps and label them accordingly so that they are easy to identify when doing your analysis.

Once everything is set up and tagged accordingly, you can track users as they go through the checkout process. You can identify those who drop out and use the analytics tools to identify either issues with the process or a certain sub-set of your visitors who may be dropping out for a certain reason.

By doing this in more granular details you can spot things such as people dropping out at a certain point – you can then test this yourself – it could be a problem on the page or a problem with certain devices. You can also spot things like people that come from a certain channel are regularly dropping out – maybe they’re finding the product/site isn’t as expected, or perhaps a discount code from an affiliate isn’t working.

Creating your own process and funnel, and ensuring it’s tagged correctly is essential in making sure you give your visitors the best experience, while having all the data you need to identify issues and make improvements.”

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