Google Analytics Premium Resellers

Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson

We’re excited to announce that currently we’re the only Google Analytics Premium Resellers in Finland and one of only a few in Europe. Privately we’ve been allowed to talk about the benefits to our clients but outside of that due to Google’s restrictions on public PR we haven’t been able to say anything. Until now…

We’ve already started with one very big customer in Finland who will remain nameless until such a time they want to do a press release about it. So while I can’t say much about the customer we deployed with I can say what Google analytics premium offers over ordinary free analytics and why we’ve had a lot of interest from the clients we work with – many of whom know about this already.

1) Much more of what bigger clients need in terms of an analytics platform.

  • You have 10 times the custom variables allowing you to customize what data goes into GA
  • Fresher data – instead of a 23 hour delay the data is only 4 hours old
  • 100 times the limit. The cheapest tier runs 1 billion page views per month (GA only currently does 10 million per property per month)
  • Unsampled reporting (downloadable). Allows you to segment up to 100 million visits with 100% accuracy.

2) Premium services and support (from Quru at no extra cost).

  • Account management
  • Strategy and implementation
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Training

3) Integrations.

  • Google drive can be used to share reports (or sync reports) to anyone’s desktop
  • Drive also allows you to extract reports for your data warehouse and transform the data using drive scripts
  • Data extraction that scales using Big Query from Google’s cloud platform

4) Enterprise level security and reliability.

  • Explicit Terms of Service (ToS)
  • SLA 99.9% uptime per month guaranteed
  • Report UI guaranteed 99% of the time
  • Freshness guarantee – processed within 4 hours

So from a technical point of view this competes with all of the other vendors we work with and blows most of them away on cost/volume.

What was pleasing from our point of view was getting through the significant due diligence Google do on any partner they work with on Premium. As a company you need to have a long history with them, be fully certified as a GACP (google analytics certified partner), you have to show examples of the kind of support and training you can offer and generally show you’re one of the best in the Analytics space to become a reseller. Google never endorse any partner they work with but this is as close as it gets.

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