Google Data Studio rolls out globally with new features

Google Data Studio rolls out globally with new features
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We’ve talked lots about Google’s new Analytics 360 suite of tools, including one of this suite, Data Studio. Well, Google has even more great news for existing beta users and those that want to get started with the tool – it’s now available in 180+ countries.

Earlier in the year, while still in beta, Google announced  that it was enhancing Data Studio by removing the 5-report limit for those users that had access to it, making it possible to create and share as many reports as you could possibly need. Now, businesses across the globe can link up and import data to create visually impressive, engaging and insightful reports.

Along with this global rollout, there are also some new features available to users, making it even easier to analyse and report on your data. Some of the new features include:

  • Filters. New functionality allows you to re-use filters, do compound filtering, and use metric filters.
  • GA segments. You can now apply your Google Analytics segments to your charts.
  • More powerful data connectors. Improvements to a number of data connectors, including YouTube, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, and AdWords. The full list of changes can be found here.
  • Google Cloud Platform integrations. Improvements to integration enabling faster data reporting at scale and more powerful functionality.
  • File upload. You can now upload CSV files of up to 2GB in size, meaning you can import your data from almost anywhere.
  • Tighter BigQuery integration. Upload data directly in to BigQuery, or use the newly supported Standard SQL for custom queries and partitioned tables.

Get a full run-down of all the features and enhancements over on the Google Blog.

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