Improve site and download speeds with a CDN

Improve site and download speeds with a CDN

If you need to improve the speed of your site and/or downloads, paying for a CDN may be a worthwhile investment. Sami is here to tell us why.

“A CDN (Content Delivery Network) can vastly improve the speed of your site’s content, including page load times and downloads of content, images and files.

Bad page load times can negatively affect a website’s usability and its’ SEO rating. Investing in a CDN can be a quick win for sites looking to improve in these areas. A CDN is a network of servers that are dispersed across large geographical areas and locations. This means that your site content can be served from the closest server to the end user, meaning a faster response and download time of the content due to reduced latency.

While setting up and implementing a CDN is generally easy – you just need to configure which data the CDN will mirror and set up your own site to handle those files – it will cost, as most CDNs are 3rd party paid services. The cost will vary depending on a number of factors, such as; bandwidth, regions, security and SSL – but all of these can be configured to your site’s own needs and requirements.

More information on free and paid CDN service providers can be found here.”

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