Instagram Ads now avaible worlwide

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They’ve been available in the US since 2013, but recently Instagram and Facebook announced that Instagram Ads were being rolled out worldwide. Emil is going to give us the latest news and how Instagram Ads could benefit your own marketing initiatives.

“Instagram now has a community of over 400m, has grown to become the second largest social network (US), and is still growing – making it an ideal place for some brands to leverage its’ new Ads service.

Ad formats include a single image, video of up to 30 seconds and carousel ads. Each format offers a different marketing opportunity for both products and brands. With Instagram being a visual platform (even more so than Facebook), great images allow for products to be showcased and brand awareness to be increased via well designed and crafted ads.

With Instagram Ads you can also utilise a number of objectives. Ads allow you to direct users to specific parts of your website, install mobile apps, tell video stories, and place ads to improve awareness, all with a number of different call to actions. Bear in mind that approximately 60% of Instagram’s users are under 35, so not all creatives that you’ve used elsewhere (including on Facebook) will necessarily work here and in these available formats.

You can access Instagram Ads via Facebook’s Power Editor. From here you can create and link ads and campaigns across the two platforms, as well as monitor and control them accordingly as you normally would for Facebook.

For more detailed information on ad types and formats, as well as how to create and manage your ads, check out Facebook’s official Ads Guide.”

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