Instagram testing a Contact button for businesses

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Instagram continues its testing of potential new features for businesses and advertisers – this time with new Contact options. Mikko has the details.

“As first spotted and reported by, and subsequently confirmed via email to TechCrunch , Instagram is currently testing a new Contact feature within its iOS app.

Instagram has been known to have been working on business profiles for a while, but now a small number of users are seeing them out in the wild for the first time as part of the testing process.

Business profiles are now categorised based upon their brand or product offering, with this showing underneath their name, giving users an idea of what kind of business is being represented.


But most notably, there is now a ‘Contact’ button next to the Follow/Following button on the main user profile page. When pressed, a pop-up will appear on-screen which will allow the user to get directions to the business or email them directly.


Instagram confirmed the tests, as well as the updated business profile features to TechCrunch, with a spokesperson saying ‘we are testing new business tools coming to Instagram in a few months.

The updated business profile pages would allow for easier and quicker conversions, enabling users to quickly find where the business’ physical premises are or to contact them directly instead of having to follow links from the profile bio and being directed away to other apps such as browsers or email clients.”

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