Instagram to soon release video carousel ads

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Instagram’s parent-company, Facebook, rolled out Carousel ads about a year ago , so it’s no surprise that we’ll soon likely see them rolling out to Instagram as well. Emil has the details.

“Social Times recently reported that Instagram is soon to release video carousel ads to complement its’ existing image carousel advertising option.

According to Social Times, Instagram said in an email to them that there had been a number of high-profile brands beta testing the ad format, including Taco Bell, ASOS, Macy’s and Airbnb, and that the feature would be more widely available ‘in the coming weeks’.

Carousels on Instagram will be able to contain 3-5 items, which can be any combination of video (up to 60 seconds each) and/or images, with Instagram’s James Quarles telling Social Times ‘The hardest thing to do is capture a consumer’s imagination. The immersive nature of sequential video allows people to quickly learn if the brand is for you and whether it fits your life.

You can check out some great examples of Instagram video carousel ads over at the Social Times Vimeo page.”

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