Planning for the future, for client strategy and for creativity

Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson

Planning for the future, for client strategy and for creativity

From Left to Right
Tatu, Vilma, Clinton, Pauliina & Fanny

As previously reported Quru were acquired in June and became a part of SEK. Since December we’ve made 5 new significant recruitments to help us go forward into 2017. The reason for these recruitments is twofold, firstly we made strategic appointments that strengthen us across our core business areas and secondly preparing us for the future requirements of our clients.

Strategic appointments

We looked at what we needed and saw we needed to have more agility with technical capabilities, data science and more analytics skills.

Our first major new hire was Clinton Deacon who joined in December 2016 as our CTO. The requests we get from our colleagues in SEK vary widely from what we’ve been asked before and require that we know a lot more about APIs and big data architecture in addition to programming experience. Clinton fit the bill very well having worked for Supermetrics (one of our suppliers) in the past as a lead developer on extracting data from various sources into excel or Google Spreadsheets. With Clinton on board we now have the capability develop better ways to utilise the vast array of data sources available to us in 2017 working with BigQuery and Amazon Web services as well as improve effectiveness through our own internal tools.

Another major strategic appointment in February is Fanny Le Béguec who was previously Director of Analytics in the Nordics at Netbooster. Fanny brings us deep knowledge of a variety of tools including Google Analytics, Data Science, Machine learning, Regression Modelling and “R” the statistical analysis tool. In addition to this impressive technical skill set has 7 years experience with Adobe Analytics (previously Omniture SiteCatalyst) that will help us with our growing Adobe customer base. Her Netbooster connection also strengthens the partnership we’ve had with them since April 2016. They allowed us to employ Fanny in order to better support their analytics clients in the Nordics, giving her full access to a bigger team to support their growing client roster. A win win for all concerned.

Preparing us for the future

While Clinton and Fanny help us with data architecture, analytics skills and programming our core experience also need more resources due to the growth strategy we’re employing.

Driving impact from video marketing is one of the growth areas of SEK and so we enlisted the help of Tatu Kallonen. Tatu comes from Klok creative agency where he handled analytics and analysis of Videos earning Certification with Youtube while he was there. His previous experience in RAY and YLE also helped ground him in Google Analytics whilst his curiosity and problem solving skills are highly sought after in any business.

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) form a big part of our business and when we had the opportunity to hire a Google Analytics Certified consultant with solid experience working for Paulig and Valio we jumped at it. Pauliina Määttä joined us from the Salomaa Next Generation Marketing Trainee program after working in the marketing departments of two the most iconic brands in Finland for the past year.

Talking of fast moving consumer goods, last but certainly not least, we brought in Vilma Järvinen. Vilma has been working for Paulig for a number of years as a marketing assistant and consumer service coordinator. Vilma fills a vital role that we needed to strengthen across account management and coordination. She will help us going forward with customer communication, follow up and delivery and bring that always much needed focus to our account organisation.


So we’ve expanded the team to improve our capabilities around FMCG customer segments, Video analytics and youtube, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Data Science, APIs, big data architecture, machine learning and account management. These appointments come from customer requests and its refreshing to see that the market we serve is growing into these kinds of areas. A few years ago we talked about managing search engine marketing, search optimisation, display and digital analytics.  That still forms and important core of our business.

But the nature of our work since joining SEK has required that we learn new things and build new competence areas.

We’re learning ways to combine big data science with creativity. We’re providing the data behind ideas, developing efficiency and building spam free services that are useful to people rather than pushing ads in your face. It’s an exciting time to be in our business.


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