Re-marketing with Google Universal Analytics

For those that have a Google Analytics Universal Analytics account, re-marketing can be made a whole lot easier. Emil is here to tell us more.

Re-marketing is essential, but can be time consuming and, at times, seen as a chore. But if you have a GA Universal Analytics account (linked to the relevant AdWords account) it’s so much easier.

Using UA it’s simpler than you would think. When selecting to re-market to audiences, you can choose from various time-saving options. You can select a pre-configured audience, set up a new audience if you wish, or import a segment to determine your audience. Another great option is the ability to import from the galleries. From here you can select options created by GA staff and users and import them already set up within seconds.

GAUA galleries

You’ll obviously need to know your specific business requirements to ensure you pick the right template for you, but if you find a matching one it can save you a lot of time and effort. There’s also the ability to select and deselect certain criteria of the pre-set template and to also amend some of the criteria once it’s been imported. If there’s one that’s a good match for you and your site, this could save you a lot of time setting up new criteria etc for your campaign.”

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