Real-time Google Adwords Customisation

If you’re managing numerous ads, there’s an easy way of keeping them relevant and up to date with all of the latest information. Emil is going to tell us how and why.

Managing multiple ads can be really time consuming, especially if those ads need to be updated to reflect new information such as prices or availability. BUT, there’s an easier way to do this in Google Ads and AdWords.

An ad customiser allows you to set things such as times/dates, prices and availability for specific products and key words. You can add your information in to a spreadsheet and upload it to AdWords, then add the ad customiser parameters to your ad. This information can tell AdWords when to replace the parameters with dynamic ad content. You could have an ad state that a sale ends in X number of days and it will countdown and update each day until the end time that you have specified. You could also use it in real-time to show customers your current lowest prices on a certain product – such as a daily rate of a hotel room or a flight, for example.

You can also do great things such as target specific keywords, customise across a campaign or ad group, or set up recurring and one-off events. You can check out the webpage for more detailed information, including a video about ad customisers.”

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