Realising the potential value of mobile purchases

Sanna Åman

Sanna Åman

If your website is mobile optimised, or you’re currently looking at making it so, have a read of Sanna’s insights in to realising the website’s potential for conversions and sales.

“Mobile usage is still on the rise, and having a mobile optimised site is a must nowadays.

When following or analysing the conversion rates on your site, ensure you monitor device rates – mobile and tablet, as well as desktop. These rates can give you an insight in to how well, or poorly, your mobile site may be performing, and can lead to opportunities for improvement.

While mobile usage is increasing, mobile conversions and sales are still generally lower than visits from desktops/laptops. If your mobile conversion rate is really low it could indicate a problem with the conversion process on the mobile site. Check the site (on a number of different devices) and ensure the user experience is a good one. Make sure all page information can be viewed and that users can enter the required details in order to complete the conversion(s).

Device attribution is also something you should think about. It’s very likely that individual users will use different devices for different purposes i.e. they may look for specific information via their mobile, but may then convert later using a desktop. Unfortunately, unless you have setup your analytics so that you can recognise individual visitors across different devices, you can’t really fully measure device attribution accurately. However, it is always very useful to spend time investigating what role different device categories play in how visitors view the site and what content they consume and what actions they carry out.

And something else to keep an eye on – your competitors! Make sure you stay up to date with what your competition is offering in regards to their mobile sites and conversion process. Compare your end-to-end conversion process to theirs, and try to make sure yours is the simplest and best experience.”

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Sanna Åman

Sanna Åman

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