Retargeting / dynamic ads now available for Instagram

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One of Facebook’s most popular ad tool usages – retargeted ads –  has now been rolled out to Instagram, offering even more ad options and functionality for those using the social platform for marketing. Emil has more details.

“With the continued increase in Instagram usage and ad spend, Facebook is beginning to roll out some of its key ad and marketing tools to the platform – this time with Dynamic Ads.

Dynamic Ads, as Facebook calls them, are essentially retargeting ads, allowing you to place ads in front of users who have visited your website. This allows you to target your ads to people who have already at least expressed an interest in your product or service and re-engage with them with relevant content based upon what they’ve viewed and what’s been tracked with a Facebook pixel.


According to Instagram, those businesses who have been testing dynamic ads on the platform have already seen strong results, with Jewlr seeing a return on ad spend exceeding 3X, while eCommerce platform Lazada saw a 60% improvement in cost per install compared to static app install ads on Instagram.

Using Dynamic Ads requires you to upload your product catalogue into Business Manager, and ads can then be managed through Power Editor as normal. Dynamic Ads for Instagram are now available in all regions.

Other updates include travel brands now being able to take advantage of dimensions, location and time specifically tailored for their industry, as well as brands using custom audiences for websites can now better target users who have demonstrated ‘stronger intent’ such as repeated visits or spending long time periods on the site(s).”

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