Simplify site structure to maintain back-link value

Today Vivek is going to give us some great information on ensuring the strength of your back-links isn’t diluted by a poor site structure.

“Most back-links refer back to the original homepage of websites. This means that generally the homepage is the most valuable page on the site and will rank the best with search engines.

As you add more pages to your site, ensure that you keep the new pages as close to your homepage as possible and eliminate any unnecessary categories. This will ensure that the value of your main page is passed down to your other pages. Remember that the links furthest away from the main page will benefit less from the value that it holds.

For example, if your site has lots of sites linking to it, it will hold good value and will perform well within search engines. A product on will hold more value and perform better than a product listed under as the latter is much further away from the main site link and therefore the value is diluted.

Where possible, try to keep a simple and easy-to-manage site structure. This will not only help with maintenance and navigation, but will also keep hold of as much of the valuable link equity as possible.”

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