Use detailed update logs for your test and dev sites

While it might not get used all that often, your test/development site is extremely important to your business, and keeping it up to date is just as important as your live site. Riikka will tell us why.

Keeping your test site up to date and in good working order is essential as part of managing your main site and business.

A problem I see regularly though is where small changes are made on the live site, but not replicated on the test site. A number of these ‘small changes’ can soon lead to significant code change, meaning your test site no longer fully replicates your live site as it should.

This can be a real problem when you then come to test changes to your site, whether it be design, functionality, or replicating, identifying and fixing any bugs. If your test site isn’t replicating the same code as the live site can cause unexpected results in testing – it may mean you don’t see a bug that could impact visitors, or even that you do see a bug, which you then spend a lot of time trying to fix, which wouldn’t actually happen on the live site – time, and money, wasted!

A site update log is a quick and easy way to ensure both sites are aligned and have been updated accordingly. Log code changes on the test site and mark whether they have been implemented or backed out. And log those ‘small changes’ you make in live and ensure they’re tracked on the log and replicated on the test site as soon as possible.”

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