Use Enhanced Link Attribution in Google Analytics

If you’ve got a site that contains pages where a number of links may lead to the same destination, you could probably do with being able to track the individual link usage. Well Tuomo is going to tell us how you can do that.

“If you’re a Google Universal Analytics user, Enhanced Link Attribution can be really handy for tracking individual links, buttons and menus.

You’ll need to create a tracking object and add the tag to your tracking code. Ideally link elements have IDs for more accurate tracking – if you don’t use unique IDs, GA will not be able to identify which specific link has been clicked and will look at the parent elements for an ID or give a value range, as opposed to a specific value. You can then enable the reporting via the Admin > Property > In-Page Analytics section of GA.

Now you can track things such as:
– Which of multiple links on a page that go to the same destination are being used. You may have two links that take a visitor back to the home page – now you can see how often and when each is used.
– Get further information when a page element has multiple destinations. An example of this would be a Search field/button.
– Other buttons, menus and actions on a page (when they’re driven by javascript).

Enabling this feature will give you greater insight in to which elements on your page are being used more often, and this in turn can lead to helping with site updates and redesigns – there’s no point developing new buttons, banners, images etc. if none of your visitors are using them to navigate or access other parts of the site.”

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