Utilise schema to improve search results

If you’re not yet utilising Schema integration, you should probably consider it. Vivek is going to us why.

Schema.org tools are a set of Google approved tools that allow you to add rich snippets and extra data to your information and present this to search engines to use.

A recent study showed that only 0.3% of websites are utilising the Schema tool, while 36.6% of Google Search results incorporate this type of Schema integration.

Businesses can utilise Schema to add information such as reviews, ratings, offers and product information – all things that people searching will be attracted to and will hopefully lead them to click through to your page.

The study also showed that sites using Schema ranked, on average, 4 places higher than sites without any Schema information – positions 21 and 25 respectively. This further shows that utilising Schema can help improve your ranking as well as your search result visibility and likelihood of people clicking through to your site.

So, adding these rich snippets and additional information could not only improve your overall ranking, but also give users an insight as to the content on your page and help improve click through rates based on the enticing information that you show them.

If you want more information on Schema, head over to schema.org where you can find all the information required on how to implement this with your site and search results.”

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