Utilising Google’s Enhanced eCommerce to see how your ads are working

Do you have internal ads (teasers) on your website promoting your products and/or services, but you’re not too sure which ads people are clicking on and generating conversions? Well, Mira has recently been working with a client on just this thing……

Google Analytics’ recent roll-out of Enhanced eCommerce has brought with it some great additional tools and insights for users. Mira has recently been working with a client to implement some of these.
“Enhanced eCommerce has not only allowed us to add great new information such as ‘categories’ to products, but has also provided additional resource around the tagging and tracking of teasers on pages.”

While the analysis is ongoing, Mira’s work with the client is going to provide some real additional insight.
“Our client will now be able to see in detail which teasers are being clicked on, where the customer goes and which calls to action are converting. If certain teasers are not converting, the client can now see why and either amend them or try a different approach. It’s a real win for sites who have to compete for real estate on highly trafficked websites with banner ads for their products and some much-needed detail and insight in to ad management and analysis!”

If you have a site that contains ads and you want some better insight, or you’re just interested in other ways Google Analytics and Enhanced eCommerce could help your business, get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to have a chat with you.
Email: info@quru-analytics.com or Phone: +358 503 478 635

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