Campaign landing pages – in order to make a great one, there’s probably a bit more involved than you’d think! Luckily, Sanna is here with a 3-part special on what makes a great campaign landing page and some pitfalls to avoid when creating and managing yours! Ready? Let’s start with Part 1…..

“So, you’re about to plan and launch an online marketing campaign. Once you’ve defined your overall campaign objectives, the next thing to plan are the campaign materials – such as display ads – and the actual campaign landing page itself. Some key things to think about and consider are;

– What role does the landing page play in the campaign?

– What are the targets for the campaign site?

– How do you want to the target group to interact with the landing page?

– What does this mean in practice on the site?

Do you want people to play a video, click through to something else, enter their information, etc? Defining these actions and the reasoning behind each will make it easier when it comes to tagging your page, events and actions, and will help with future analysis. When you know exactly why you have the campaign site and its targets, it will become easier to measure the site and actions, and plan your tagging. Remember, the rationale and measurements are there to help you evaluate whether the campaign was successful and what worked and what didn’t(more on this in part 2)

Then make these target actions the focus of your landing page. Make sure a visitor landing on the page doesn’t have to scroll or move elsewhere to do what it is you want the visitor to do – if you make it hard, it is unlikely the visitor will complete the required action. Try to ensure your target action stands out and is easily identifiable to a user. For example, if you want a user to click through, don’t have numerous other links, text or images around the main link – keep it clean, simple and obvious. Also make sure that your call-to-actions on the campaign landing page are aligned to those in your campaign material – this will ensure the visitor has a clear expectation of what may be required when they visit the page.”

Stay tuned for the next part of Sanna’s tips on how to build a successful campaign landing page. If you’re currently working on a campaign and would like some more information on website landing pages, or if you’re currently managing one and want to improve it or analyse it more effectively, get in touch! We’ll be happy to try and help you out with any questions you may have.

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