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Following on from Google I/O 2016, the company also recently held its Google Performance Summit (GPS 2016), focussing more on things such as data, analytics, ads etc. Emil has some of the key Ad-related changes that were announced at the Ads & Analytics Keynote.

“There were a number of big updates and changes announced at GPS 2016. While not all of these will initially be available in Finland, it gives a good indication as to what could be rolled out further in the future.

Mobile continues to be the main focus, with location-related mobile search growing 50% faster than other search categories, and Google are introducing new local search ads across Google.com and Google Maps. Local business can now pay to show up in search result or on the actual map should a user search for a term like ‘cafe’ or ‘clothes store’ etc.

Promoted Pins will also begin to appear within maps as well, showing a company’s’ logo on the map so that it’s easily identifiable, and in the hope that it will increase foot-fall to the physical business.

Walgreens Business Page

Text ads in AdWords are also changing, seeing an increase in characters. Headlines will expand from 25 characters to 30, while the 35-character description will expand to 80. Google stated that while testing the expanded formats, click-through rates increased by 20%.

pasted image 0

There will also be updates for images within ads as part of ‘responsive ads for display’, with ads matching the look and feel of the surrounding content, offering a more native and natural feel and approach.

Responsive ads final

The bidding process for ads will also be updated, allowing for advertisers to set individual bid adjustments for different device types, meaning you pay different prices for ads viewed on desktop vs mobile.

You can watch the full keynote, with all the details, here.”

Image credit: Google Blogspot