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Struggle to remember all of those varying sizes, dimensions, formats etc for ads on all of the social platforms? Fear not – Emil spotted this top cheat sheet!

“Remembering the varying and optimal formats for ads on all of the social media can be a chore – especially when each platform has its own preferred sizes, dimension and formats. It’s also easy to upload something without realising that a slight tweak could optimise it and make it even more ‘platform-friendly’ and therefore more effective.

So this cheat sheet from HubSpot Agency  can be a great prompt and potential life-saver!

The cheat sheet contains all of the main social platforms and includes accepted file formats/sizes, info on what performs best in terms of placement and ad type, as well as a graphical representation of all of the ad formats with resolution and size info.

Check out the infographic below and on the HubSpot Agency site.”


Image credit: HubSpot Agency