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Dead links on your site can have a negative impact on your SEO and user experience. Here’s a great tip from Vivek on how to identify and fix them.

Dead Link Checker is a great tool that I regularly use when doing site reviews or renewals.

Finding and eliminating dead links helps to improve two key areas – it can help ensure that your SEO is not negatively impacted, and can help make sure your visitors get the best user experience (UX) possible.

Broken or dead links can negatively impact your SEO (and, therefore, where you place on SERP) by stopping search engine website crawlers from properly completing crawls of your site. By doing so, this can lead to incomplete indexing and can have a knock-on effect with your ranking.

A broken or dead link is also an annoyance to visitors. Clicking a link and then being taken to an empty page or an error message will always put visitors off from continuing to navigate through and use the site. By removing dead links, you remove the chances of a user encountering navigational issues and improve the UX.


By utilising Dead Link Checker you can easily add your site URL, allow it to scan the site and then easily identify and links which are dead. You can then review them and either correct them or delete them to ensure they don’t cause you any further issues.”