Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)


CRO is an important area to focus on if you want to make sure that your site is generating as high ROI as possible. With A/B tests or multivariant tests it is possible to check which one of the different approaches delivers the desired outcome (i.e. conversion) best. In multivariant tests visitor traffic can be divided into multiple audiences, where each audience is exposed to different content/site layout – it may be as simple as switching colors or copy, or developing a whole new page layout – which is then measured and analyzed to identify the version that performs best. In A/B tests the basic idea is the same, but it is a bit more simple method of testing. Typically the audience is divided 50-50, where one half sees the original version (e.g. a green button) whereas the other half sees a test variant of that button (e.g. a red button).

Quru can help you set up various tests and give you trainings on how to use the tools and analyze the results. If you wish, we can also run the tests for you and prepare analysis on what works best for you.