If you want to find out more about your visitors’ intentions, motivations or apprehensions relating to your site, an on-site or pop-up survey could be a great idea. Tuomo has some more info on insights you can gain and how to use the likes of VWO to create and customise surveys.

“Having a survey can lead to some valuable insights in to not only your visitors, but also your site, and can help you pinpoint what works and what doesn’t.

Using the likes of VWO, you can create and customise a survey that matches your own sites’ design and doesn’t look out of place or intrusive to a visitor.

VWO has 10 in-built themes that you can use. These templates can then be customised to match your sites’ own design language.

Before customising, create your survey – which should consist of a welcome page, questions, thank you page and an email address request page (which could be used for follow-up, incentives to complete the survey and remarketing).

Once you have your page(s) complete, you can begin to customise. This will allow you to make incremental changes and ensure they are applied correctly before moving on to the ext.

Ensure your questions are relevant and have a business case. For example, you may want to understand the spending habits of visitors by asking them about brands they’re interested in, what their budget is or how much they intent to spend. If you want to understand pain points on the site, you could ask the visitor to rate their experience and if they score it below a certain threshold, ask them to provide comments/feedback.

For a more detailed walkthrough of how to create and customise an on-site survey with VWO, check out their comprehensive blog post.”

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