Google offers a wide range of tools in order to collate, analyse and make sense of data, which, in turn, hopefully leads to business insights. The Consumer Barometer is one of them … and Google has some updates. Emil has the details.

“Last year Google launched its new Consumer Barometer tool, allowing for real-time, interactive insights, as well as allowing users to set up bespoke insights.

Earlier this month, Google updated and did a deep dive in to some of its Consumer Barometer data and uncovered some key findings.

  • Mobile is everywhere. Of those surveyed, more than 80% of web users under 25 go online with their mobiles at least as often as on computers.
  • Multi-screening (with three screens) via computers, phones and tablets is also on the rise in a lot of countries, with huge increases seen in a number of European countries.
  • Mobile plays a crucial part in purchasing. 40% of Millennials used their smartphone to research their last purchase.
  • Digital mums’ (female internet users with children under 18 in the household) are also keen researchers with their mobiles, with 55% carrying out online research before making a purchase and 25% using their smartphone to prepare for an immediate purchase.

You can create your own bespoke insights by heading over to the Consumer Barometer website and utilise tools like Graph Builder, Trended Data, Audience Stories and Curated Insights.

To read the full post by Google and find out about even more key findings, head over to the original post.”