With shoppers, and browsers in general, using multiple devices to consume content, research and purchase items, cross-device tracking has become more and more important. Emil is going to tell us how Google is improving AdWords to give you more cross-device data.

“Google has been working on and investing in cross-device conversions for a number for a number of years now across Search, Display and Shopping. And, with the ability to see the full value of their campaigns, some advertisers are able to measure up to 16% more conversions.

Cross-device conversions are now rolling out at the keyword-level and can now be included in the main Conversion column (which already contains website sales, phone calls and app downloads).

This will enable advertisers to get deeper and richer insights in to the many different ways their customers are engaging with them and their businesses. And now, with all the conversions in the same column, it quicker and easier to gain insights and do things like enable automated bidding for those conversions that really matter to you.

If you want to activate cross-device conversions in automated bidding, do the following in your AdWords account:

– Within your account, go to Tools > Conversions.

– From Settings, ensure the Conversion metric is set to “Conversions” (and not “Conversion clicks).

–  Click “Include advanced conversions” and check the box to include cross-device and other advanced conversions in your “Conversions” reporting column and automated bidding.”

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