Customer Journey Analysis

Understanding your customer journeys helps you to evolve your site to be more customer friendly and to increase the amount of conversions and/or leads. Customer Journey Analysis answers, for example, to the following questions: What are the typical pages the visitor goes to before converting – does one look at product pages, blogs, and/or reference cases? What kind of attribution do different traffic channels have for conversions? Why do some pages have very high exit rates?

We tailor the Customer Journey Analysis based on your needs and goals, but typically an analysis includes combining analytics data to Online Survey data, which enriches our understanding of what site visitors really think and if they found what they were looking for. Some additional methods that can provide more insight to visitors’ behavior can be obtained by using clickmaps and heatmaps. Based on the outcome of a Customer Journey Analysis, we will put together a strategic CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) plan, and give recommendations on how to improve your site in general to serve your customers better.

Online Surveys