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Thank you, or confirmation, pages are a must-have across lead forms, online purchases, as well as PPC campaigns. Henry has some more information on why they’re a must and the benefits they can bring.

“Thank you pages have a number of great uses when it comes to online campaigns, sales, branding and customer experience.

Conversion tracking. This is the usual use of a confirmation of thank you page. Visitors will only see this page once they convert on your site, whether that’s signing up for a newsletter or purchasing something. This can be analysed in great detail – by pasting your conversion code in to the confirmation/thank you page and setting up your analytics tool accordingly, you can get information on the different channels visitors came from and detail at all levels, such as campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads, etc. This information can them be used to optimise campaigns by looking at what is converting at the lowest cost and getting you the most return.

User expectations. Give your visitors a tangible response to their form submission, purchase etc. No visitor wants to complete a form or page, submit it, and then be taken back to a previous page, leaving them unsure as to whether their data has been submitted correctly. Leaving visitors unsure can lead to a visitor losing confidence, trust, and return business.

Upselling opportunities. You can add anything to your confirmation/thank you page, so this is the perfect opportunity to upsell your own products and services. Showing associated or relevant products to a completed purchase can encourage further purchases. You could also add a remarketing code so you can target (or exclude) purchasers in future campaigns. As well as these, you can offer things such as discount codes for future purchases or provide other incentives or sign-up and subscription opportunities.”