How to get started with your new digital analytics agency?

Each new partnership in digital analytics follow the same routines. First there will be a phase for uncovering the current situation, then there is the planning phase, implementation phase, and finally the support and optimisation phase. At minimum there are 4 phases in any new analytics partnerships. Each time, if you want to succeed, you will need to do an audit or current situation analysis.

Quru – Analytics Process 

At Quru, we have our standardised process of doing the analytics projects and when fully applied it includes the following steps.

  1. In <body> Measurement; Checking the development areas in your existing analytics and marketing set-up.
  2. Quru Development Program; Defining the the areas to be developed and a plan to develop them.
  3. KPI Workshop & Design; Helping customers to define their business goal driven KPI’s, metrics and dimensions. 
  4. Deployment; Implementing the analytics, deploying the reports and dashboards.
  5. Testing & Publishing; Managing requirement tests and user testing.
  6. User training and on-boarding; Helping the customer to take the best out of their analytics stack.
  7. Monitoring retainer; We follow the KPI’s and data anomalies at the agreed monitoring schedules.
  8. Reporting retainer; Customer will be provided by access to custom reporting interfaces and customised dashboards.
  9. Insights retainer  Weekly, monthly or quarterly insights reports are delivered and explained to customers. 
  10. Foresights retainer; We can produce you reports indicating the trends in demand or changes in segments, and more.
  11. Optimisation retainer; A/B testing, Multi-variate testing, usability testing and content targeting. 
  12. Automated optimisation retainer; Based on certain rules we can optimise ads or targeting content automatically.  

At minimum, the steps 1 to 6 are done in all new partnerships. With the best partnerships and those in which customers are most satisfied we are not just focusing on enabling data, but also helping them to use the data to improve their business on an ongoing retainer model. In those cases we aim to include the steps 7 to 12.


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