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With a number of updates to Google Analytics and associated products over the summer, we’ve got even more GA tips coming your way. Henry has another on how GA is making it even easier to identify important trends amongst your data.

“As an analyst, you can spend hours – if not longer – pouring over the data and details within Google Analytics, trying to find useful information, trends and insights – and then still miss them! Well, now GA is making your life just that little bit easier with automated insights – a smart summarisation of your data.

Automated insights can provide quick and easy overviews of key data and changes within your account, such as if you have a spike in traffic from certain users, or which of your products is performing the best or has the highest rise in sales.

This feature will not only help larger organisations who already have dedicated analytics staff/teams, but will also help smaller businesses who don’t have analysts at hand, yet still wish to get quick and useful information and insights from GA.

Machine learning and user feedback (from a thumbs up or thumbs down on each page) means that the tool will also learn over time and will become more suited to your own business needs and requirements.

This feature is already live in the GA app for both Android and iOS, and can be accessed by going to the Assistant screen – here you’ll see your automatically generated insights. A desktop version is currently in the works and will hopefully be with us soon.

More information can be found in Google’s own blog post.”