Google Ads offers a host of ‘extensions’ which can be added to your adverts, enhancing them and, hopefully, improving click-throughs. Riikka is going to tell us more.

“By adding extensions to your adverts you can make them more interesting and offer up additional key information about your business or service. They can also help with visibility, with ads with extensions generally appearing above the search results and in a higher position of a competing ad if it doesn’t have an extension.

Ad extensions can be shown in the Search network and may also appear in the Display network (depending on the type of ad). Extensions are broken down in to Manual Extensions (where you add your own CTA) and Automated Extensions (where data is pulled from other sources).

Manual extensions can include apps, calls, locations, reviews, sitelinks and callouts. While Automated extensions cover consumer ratings, previous visits, seller ratings, dynamic sitelink extensions, social extensions and dynamic structured snippets.

All of these extensions have their uses depending on what type of campaign you’re running. For example, if you’re opening a café, you could add location details (this also allows the customer to get directions via Google Maps) or social extensions to drive people to your social channels. Once more established, you could use consumer ratings or reviews to show what other customers have said about the place. And should you want to run a special promotion at some point, you could use callouts to highlight offers or discounts.

Extensions are flexible, and can be added to new and existing ads, as well as the ability to edit or remove them once live. Extensions won’t cost you anything extra up-front, but will be charged by clicks to the ad, as well as certain interactions. Full details can be found on the Google AdWords support page.”

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