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For copywriters and ad creators using Google AdWords, this new update is for you. Alexandra has the details.

“If you access Google AdWords through its web interface, you may start noticing some small changes. One of which is ad preview, showing you how your ad will be displayed to users.

There are separate views for mobile and desktop ads, as well as a separate section for viewing sample ads. Sample ads from different industries can be viewed by selecting the ‘view more’ link from the Sample ads section of the preview.

Another addition to this update is the ability to clearly see if your ad is too long and likely to be truncated once live. The tool allows for the entry of Headline 1 & 2, and will then show a full preview ad alongside – something the previous version did not always do correctly.

With Google suggesting that you limit your combined headlines to 33 characters, this update will be helpful to marketers in ensuring that their copy is fully visible and providing a visual indication if it’s not – allowing for adjustments to be made.

With expanded text ads now going live, and standard text ads no longer being accepted from 26th October, now is the time to test expanded text ads and begin utilising them and the tools for them.”