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If you’re running campaigns in AdWords, but feel you need to tweak something, you can now test your tweak(s) and see how they perform without actually affecting your live ad. Emil has some more details.

“Google AdWords is currently rolling out its’ new tool – Campaign drafts and experiments, allowing AdWords users to see how potential ad changes would look/work, or experiment with changes to monitor performance without actually affecting the live ad.

Drafts will let you prepare multiple changes to a live campaign without actually affecting the live ad(s) in any way. The draft will initially mirror your existing campaign’s set up, and from there it can be continually tweaked and amended, enabling you to test different images, copy etc.

Changes that you make can be applied directly to your live campaign or can be used to create an experiment which will allow you to test the changes vs your original campaign.

Drafts that are created can easily be turned in to experiments, allowing you to test your changes by specifying an amount of your original traffic and budget to test against.


You can then monitor the experiment and directly compare it to the performance of the original campaign via a reporting scorecard. If your experiment is performing better, you can apply the changes immediately. If it’s not, you can make further changes, let the experiment run as it is until the specified end point, or end it early. Any experiment can also be converted in to a brand new campaign, allowing you to pause the original campaign and utilise its’ existing dates and budgets.”

Image credit: Google AdWords Blogspot