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Buried in a long Facebook Ads post was a section about a new insights tool to help better manage your ads. Mikko has some more details.

“While the original post (link above) is well worth a read in general, buried within it is some more information about a new feature coming to Facebook Ads Manager – Delivery Insights.

Aimed at reducing guesswork and deep-diving ads to see which are under-performing, Delivery Insights will tell advertisers how their ads are competing at auction and will provide recommendations on how to tweak the ad to make it more competitive.

Delivery Insights will look at the number of people ads are meant to be reaching, and, those videos that aren’t reaching the approximate audience number will be flagged and brought to the attention of the ad owner.

The tool will identify under-delivery from an ad – a sign that it could be tweaked to be more effective at winning more auctions – and will offer up explanations as to why the under-delivery is happening and will highlight suggestions for specific actions the advertiser can take in order to make their ad more competitive at auction.

Delivery Insights will roll out globally over the coming weeks, and can be found in Ads Manager under the ‘Delivery’ column in the campaign and ad set level, as well as in a standalone tab under ‘Tools’.”