For apps that use Facebook log in and linking components, you can get some great insights from Facebook Analytics for Apps. And for apps with a worldwide user base, things just got even better. Our new intern, Pauliina, has more details.

“Understanding app usage in differing locations and time zones can be key to gaining insights in to behaviour and helping to make smarter content and marketing decisions. Facebook has just made this that bit much easier.

Facebook Analytics has recently introduced two key new features: the ability to set times zones and view your analytics data by hour of the day.

To adjust the time zone that’s applied to your data, select the setting/gear icon at the top-right of the screen on your Analytics for Apps page. Any data metric which is then viewed will based on the time zone you’ve selected.

Trended data can now not only be viewed by months, weeks and days, but also by hours. This gives you the ability to view usage fluctuations throughout the day and pinpoint optimal times to perform actions like push content or marketing to users …. As well as when to least inconvenience users should you need to perform maintenance on your app.

Also added, is the ability to now select a “Last 24 hours” option from the data picker.

For more detailed information, head over to Facebook’s blog.”