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With Instagram slowly rolling out its new Shopping Tags, it’s no surprise that a similar ad format would be available on Facebook’s own ad platform – and ‘Collections’ is now here.

Like Instagram’s Shopping tags, marketers will need to create a product catalogue , and from there they’ll then be able to tag up to four of their own products in Collections.

Collections can be images, slideshows or videos, meaning plenty of options for marketers to grab the attention of prospective clients. Like Canvas ads, Collections are mobile focused and will aim to provide fast-loading, rich media which will help drive users to your website … although a similar desktop version is also available.

A Collection will allow a user to tap the ad and view up to 50 related products and, once a product is selected, the user will be taken to the applicable page on a mobile website or app so that they can buy the product.

Facebook has said that while the advertiser can pick the first four products that are shown in the Collection, the rest will be automatically selected by Facebook, based on the merchant’s preferences and on user targeting, with this aiming to create an experience that’s “as relevant as possible for the consumer.”

Collection ads are available to all users, and you can begin using them with traffic or conversion objective right now.