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If you want an easy way to keep up to date with the hottest topics on Facebook, you’re in luck – they have just announced a new report just for you. Emil has the details.

“Facebook recently released its’ new Topics to Watch report, which, as the name suggests, shows you topics of discussion across the Facebook platform that are gaining momentum.

The report itself will provide a range of insights in to the topic(s), including things such as context, associated topics, measurements around mention volume over time, and demographic information so that you can see who is talking about these topics.


The topics on display may not be things that you’re currently aware of, but they’re things that are gaining momentum and beginning to drive more engagement and could lead to driving more conversions in the future. So this is a great opportunity for marketers to be aware of the potential ‘next big thingbefore it actually becomes big.

And, again, while these topics may not be big or known yet, they could well worth be keeping an eye on in case they either directly relate to your own brand, product or service, or could provide marketing related opportunities in the future.

Facebook will release a new set of six topics each month based upon their increase in engagement and conversions over the past 12 months.”