While we normally post about creating, sharing, advertising and marketing great content, today we’re talking about protecting that great content you’ve created for Facebook with the new Right Manager feature.

“With 8 billion views per day , video on Facebook is not just important to the platform, but to its’ creators and copyright holders as well, as they use the material to help build their brand, service or product. At the recent F8 Conference, Facebook announced it was now helping creators protect their content and work to uphold copyright laws.

Freebooting’, as it’s known, has been a big issue over the last few years, with popular pages taking content from elsewhere, ripping it and repurposing it as their own – gathering more views and interactions for themselves than for those that actually created the content and/or who own the rights to it.

But at the recent F8 Conference, Facebook announced it was introducing Right Manager to help fight this issue, with the system working in a similar way to YouTube’s Content ID system.

According to the Facebook Rights Manager product page, the tool will help users:

  • Easily upload and maintain a reference library of video content to monitor and protect, including live video streams.
  • Specify permitted uses of each video by setting match rules.
  • Identify and surface new matches against your protected content so you can review them and file a report if needed.
  • Whitelist specific Pages and profiles who have permission to use your copyright content.
  • Outsource management, monitoring and protection of your content by using our Rights Manager API.

The tool isn’t live yet, but you can apply for access from the Right Manager page or here .”