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Facebook is ditching its desktop ad exchange and going all-in on mobile ads. Emil has the latest news.

“With mobile now accounting for 82% of Facebook’s ad revenue, the company has decided to walk away from FBX – its desktop ad exchange system.

The Wall Street Journal originally broke the story, stating that Facebook had been in contact with a group of FBX partners to alert them to the fact that the exchange product would be closing down – something that was confirmed to CMO Today later in the day.

Matt Idema, Facebook’s Vice President of Monetization Product Marketing, said in an email statement:

Mobile is now a necessary component of effective marketing campaigns, and Facebook is helping millions of businesses understand their customers’ purchase path across devices. Dynamic Ads and Custom Audiences have mobile at their core and are delivering excellent results for businesses, so Facebook Exchange spending has shifted towards those solutions. This is about giving people more relevant ads and marketers more effective formats, especially in an increasingly mobile world. Our ads API is open to all developers so they can innovate on our platform and build great ad experiences for brands and their customers.

Facebook partners can still buy ads via Facebook’s Audience Network, and third parties can still purchase ads through the ‘application programming interface’.

While this news doesn’t seem to have come as much of a shock to those in the tech and marketing industries, it shows that Facebook is now doubling-down its efforts and resources in mobile ads and marketing, with their focus being on the likes of Dynamic Ads and working with Custom Audiences.”