Despite Facebook being a major player in the advertising space, there’s still plenty of opportunity for the platform to grow even further. And, this week, Facebook announced some updates to its tools in order to help smaller businesses leverage the platform for marketing purposes.

There are currently 65 million business Pages on Facebook (plus another 8 million business profiles on Instagram), with 5 million actively advertising on the platform – most of which are big businesses and brands. That leaves many millions of businesses that currently aren’t advertising – and this is who Facebook is hoping to help with the latest set of updates.

Save time and see what’s working

The Adverts Manager has received an update to help marketers optimise their time while still easily gaining key insights.

High level performance stats are available at a glance, or you can view a snapshot of how you ad account has performed this week vs the previous week. A tweak navigation also makes it easier to switch between accounts and Pages, as well as the ability to now select and compare five adverts side by side.

The app will now also recommend actions that you can take to increase ad performance – all in one click! Notifications will also alert you to relevant interests to add to your targeting in order to increase an active ad’s performance – which, again, can be applied with a single click.

Re-advertising is also more streamlined with notifications being sent about recently-ended, high-performing ads, and the option to duplicate these ads with one-click.


Get creative

Generating creative content can be time and money consuming – something that small businesses don’t always have a lot of. Mobile Studio is a new way to show businesses how easy it can be to create great ads straight from their mobile device.

Creative content = better ads = more impressions and engagement = more conversions. All now by using less time, energy and resources.

Learn new skills

Blueprint eLearning online courses have 11 million users and are available in ten languages.

Courses include topics such as Facebook Terminology, A/B Testing, and Campaign Best Practices. Essential stuff for those wanting to learn how to get the best from their ads. New courses are also added each month.

Communicate with customers

The unified inbox for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram within the Pages manager app was announced and rolled-out last year. This single place to manage all your communications is now also being rolled-out to the desktop. Over the coming weeks there will also be better ways for businesses to better reach people in urban areas and in multiple languages more efficiently.

Learn from like-minded business owners

Facebook Small Business Council has been created as a place for small businesses to help each other, as well as Facebook, learn better ways of doing business on the platform and how to help their own business grow.

The site will feature inspirational stories from more than 40 businesses across a number of industries and geographies. Small Business Councils have initially been created for the US, India, Brazil and Germany – with more being announced later in the year.


For all the details, check out Facebook’s blog post.

Image credit: Facebook blog