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Facebook’s 20% rule is no more! ….. Well, kind of. The guidelines around ad text have been updated, and Emil has the latest info.

“In the past, the text that could be added to a Facebook advert was limited to a 20% overlay rule. Meaning, if more than 20% of your ad image was covered by text, it would get rejected by Facebook or would have its reach limited. They even provided a handy grid tool to give you an idea of text coverage – that’s also gone, too.

Instead, Facebook now provides a ‘rough guide’ as to the impact of your text on its potential reach, and it’s mainly now a user-based judgement call as to whether you have too much text or not. Bear in mind, logos, watermarks and numbers all also count as ‘text’.

So, instead of the 20% rule, we now have four categories in to which your ad can fall:

  • Image Text: OK – An ‘ok’ ad (where text overlay is minimal, such as just a small logo) will display fine and should not be negatively impacted in any way.
  • Image Text: Low – A ‘Low’ ad may have its reach slightly limited.
  • Image Text: Medium – A ‘Medium’ ad may be limited – more so than a ‘Low’ ad, and will reach fewer people than optimal.
  • Image Text: High – And those ads classed as ‘High’, well there’s probably no point in even submitting them as Facebook says “You may not reach your audience…” i.e. the ad is unlikely to be displayed at all.

There are a few exceptions to these new guidelines: movie posters, book covers, album covers, whole product images, event posters, text-based businesses calligraphy (cartoons, comic strips, etc), app and game screenshots, legal text and infographics.

These new guidelines have not yet rolled out to everyone, but keep in mind that going forward, to maximise reach, try to keep all promotional text to the off of the image(s) and in the post itself.